Thanks, Shelley

My dear friend, Shelley Adina, introduced me to Pinterest last weekend, not a kind or considerate thing to do to an obsessive/compulsive type person. So, now I have nearly 30 boards, and little else to show for the past 2 days. My wrist hurts from using the mouse, my derriere hurts from sitting too long, and my yard hurts from lack of water. On my own behalf, let me say that “The Bridal Ball”, first in my new series, is in the final stage of proofing, and should be ready for release within the next 10 days. I’ll post again when I hit that final send button.

Till I Kissed You – launched!

The first book in my new series, Sweet Refrain, was released today! The music of the Everly Brothers sets the stage for a nostalgic visit to the past; for a love story based on the romantic notion that days gone by are somehow magical. Till I Kissed you takes you back to a time when gas was 25c a gallon, first class stamps were 4c, and a selfie was a narcissist.  All the uploads went smoothly with the exception of NookPress. What a challenge that was. I saw several posts on the Indie Romance Loop that others were having the same problems. It’s been a long time in the making and I hope that book 2, Let It Be Me, will wrap up more quickly.

Willette College Alma Mater

Today I met with Claire Massey, Director of the Christopher High School Women’s (vocal) Ensemble. These young ladies are going to record the Alma Mater I wrote for my new series, Sweet Refrain. The first book in the series, Till I Kissed You, will launch next week. I will post the recording here and on my website. I can hardly wait!
The Alma Mater came to me one day when I was at the grocery story. I couldn’t have been more surprised. I wrote the melody on the way home in the car, added the words when I was sitting at the piano, and gave it all to The Big Guy to convert into an actual song. He did a brilliant job. Then, I sent the whole thing to our friend, Steve Brunsvold, who arranged it for 4 part women’s voices.
I’m so excited to hear it performed. I’ll post here as soon as I’m able.